Switchfoot wrote a song called “Meant To Live”. One of the lines says how I feel, I …”want more than the world has to offer”. My goal or dream is to be financially independent and debt free with a lot of family time together. Finding a job that helps that to happen is very challenging. I’ve been told that my dream is not the norm, so how do I think I could achieve that dream. My friend’s comment has left me thinking of how I can achieve more than what the world has to offer/sees as the norm.

I received an inspiring email the other day about Paul Potts. He also had a dream to achieve more than the world has to offer. He was a mobile cell phone salesman, but his dream was to be more than that. Here’s a link to a page with two videos. The first video is of his audition for “Britan’s Got Talent”. And the second video is an interview about some of his journey to achieving his dream.


As you look at Paul, you see an ordinary man and would not expect him to have a talent for singing. I think he surprised everyone in the audience, including me looking at the videos. I found his story very inspiring.

So my dream to be debt free and to have more time with my family is my challenge and it drives me to achieve better in my life. I want to have all my debt gone with extra savings and in doing so avoid the stresses and pitfalls that are related to bad money management. As I’ve watched other people around me I’ve seen how much of a problem bad money management has become for many people. My dream has expanded to helping others escape the stresses and pitfalls of bad money management too. I work on this by blogging about my saving experiences and sharing good money management techniques in my blogs. We’ve also created CalendarBudget, an online money management tool, that has helps people understand our spending habits and so be able to pay their debt down faster.

How are you using your talents/dreams/hobbies to help you overcome debt and other money management problems?