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Forecast Your Account Balance With Our Budget Management Software

  • Track and forecast your use of money in a natural way using an easy-to-use calendar, as financial planners have long recommended
  • Plan ahead for major purchases, financial goals, and debt reductions with account balance forecasts for any day in the future
  • Jump months and years into the future quickly with bookmarks to plan for special occasions

Eliminate Your Debt And Grow Your Wealth

CalendarBudget, the online budget tool is the easy way to organize your money online.

Access On Android, iOS & Web Browser - CalendarBudget Is Available Everywhere!

CalendarBudget, the best budget planning software, runs in your web browser or as a native app on Android / iOS. Changes made in one place are instantly available everywhere. So, whether you're at home, work, or out on the go, you have access to your budgeting planner software. Your data is backed up nightly on our secure server, so no need to worry about losing your data.

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Financial Planners Recommend Organizing And Planning Your Money On A Calendar

  • Never miss a bill again with calendared reminders
  • Know when your income, expenses, and regular spending happen
  • See your account balance on any day in the future
  • Plan ahead for upcoming major expenses
  • Plan to save for your future!

CalendarBudget is a web-based online budget tool that runs in your browser or mobile device. It is designed to be easy to use and to allow you to both TRACK and PLAN your money in the past and future. No complicated system that takes weeks to get used to - just walk up and use!

The World Needs It - You Need It

Consumer debt is at an all-time high. Managing personal finances is challenging because easy credit, impulse buying, and poor financial planning are all too common.

Your Money, Day-To-Day

Let's face it; we think about money the same way we spend it, day-to-day, not summarized by month or in a long list of transactions. CalendarBudget tracks and forecasts your use of money in the same way you actually use it, day-to-day, on a calendar as financial planners have long recommended.

Also, avoidable problems like bounced checks, overdraft charges, insufficient funds and over-use of credit can be predicted and prevented since CalendarBudget, the online budget calendar tool allows you to plan ahead and see when the funds will be available in your account.

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Helps You Make Good Financial Decisions

CalendarBudget does not replace sound financial education; however, this calendar money planner does guide you to make wise financial decisions because it:

  • tracks your spending against your budget plan so you know where to focus your financial efforts
  • discourages impulse buying with a visual of the downstream affects of today's purchases
  • encourages cash payments for major purchases by allowing you to plan your finances into the future
  • reminds you when bills are due and encourages you to keep your budget up to date

CalendarBudget is the single point of consult to determine whether or not you can afford your next and future purchases.

Eliminate Overdraft Charges And Never Miss A Bill Payment

  • Never miss paying a bill with email reminders.
  • Avoid low account balances/overdraft charges (especially middle of the month negative balances that are missed in monthly budgets) by seeing what every day's balance will be and high/low balance alerts.
CalendarBudget Bill Reminder

Live Within Your Means

  • Be on the same financial page with your spouse with online access.
  • Living within your means is easy since you can see how today's spending decisions will affect tomorrow and the future.
  • Know when you've gone over budget with alerts.
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Organize Your Money

  • Track past spending and plan future transactions by forecasting your future account balances based on your spending habits and bill due dates.
  • With the online budget calendar, categorize your expenses, set monthly budgets for each category and track progress throughout the month with category highlighting.
  • Drag and drop to easily move transactions to the day they will actually occur.
  • Easily import transactions from your online banking (OFX) to keep your plan up to date.
  • Create multiple accounts and easily transfer from one account to another in one entry.

Plan Your Spending Before You Buy

  • Evaluate unexpected increases/decreases in spending categories using interactive reports.
  • Save for the unexpected (like a vehicle repair) or major expenses (vacation/vehicle) and see how they will affect future account activity.
  • Use the high/low indicator to see when you have extra money and plan for savings to help reach financial goals.