At least temporarily. One of my friends from Mexico is staying with us for a number of months while he searches for work. We invited his cousin here for the Christmas/New Years vacation period. Since he’s been here, he’s been cooking for us every night. Mmmmm… authentic Mexican food. He used to work for his parents in a food preparation business, so he’s good :) Not only is the food great, but he has given us a precious gift. This week, we haven’t had to think about what to have for dinner or prepare the food (he’s even gone to the store to purchase some ingredients). Plus we haven’t had to spend the time doing those things, allowing us to do other things with our time.

While he’s given us more time, he’s grateful for the opportunity to have some company and fun at this time of year, and to practice his English. In truth, I’m also finding my Spanish is not as bad as I thought it would be, not having used it fluently for about 7 years. It’s all coming back :)

Sometimes saving time is even better than saving money. After all, time = money. In fact, for many people saving time is much more precious than saving money. That’s why there are so many time-saving tools common among us. In a rushed society, we all recognize the importance of a few extra minutes/hours.

I’ve been able to spend more time with family and get more things done on CalendarBudget — including completing our Spanish language translation and category totals (due to be released in a few days) and researching reporting technologies.

What’s more important to you… time or money?