In a budgeting program like CalendarBudget, which tracks every transaction, finding a particular one can appear to be daunting if you don’t remember when it occurred.

With CalendarBudget you can search for transactions by either the title of the entry (such as “Restaurant”) or by an amount (such as “44.95”). Now maybe you don’t remember the full name of the cents part of the transaction. No problem, you can use the * symbol as a wildcard in the search term.

For example, if I had a transaction called “Dinner at restaurant” for $44.92, the following search terms will find that transaction (and possibly others like it):

“dinner restaurant”

A lot of other combinations will find what you’re looking for, depending on what you remember. This will locate all transactions matching your search term, making finding that particular one you’re wondering about much easier and faster.

When you’ve found that elusive transaction, just click on it in the Search Results. You’ll be taken right to that month with the day bookmarked so it’s easy to find. This search capability introduced many months ago, has helped many users find the transactions they were looking for – quickly and easily. Originally the search only looked for transaction titles. When one of our users suggested we include transaction amounts in the search, we readily agreed, and thanks to that suggestion, we have a great method to locate any transaction you’ve entered into CalendarBudget.

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