I usually look for sales in the grocery store flyers when I first walk into the store hoping they have something on my list on sale. I usually only shop at one store, maybe two, because my time is very limited, with five children. I do make it somewhat easier by having a list, but having a list of sales would make it even cheaper too.

I gave a link in the blog entry “Making a Career Out of Cutting Coupons” which gave savings for the US. I just came across a couple of sites for Canada to check sales out ahead of time and be able to plan shopping ahead of time. Here are the links to help you plan your shopping:

  • Grocery Savings allows you to look for sales for all local stores associated to select areas (eg. baby needs, bakery, etc)
  • Canadian Flyers allows you to go through grocery flyers and other flyers as well (eg. Best Buy, Future Shop, Canadian Tire, etc)
  • Flyer Mall also gives you an even greater list of flyers for grocery and non-grocery stores

Do you know of any other sites for flyers or coupons for your local area?