There’s nothing like having a great Christmas full of happiness, family and giving and then having that fire dowsed like a sugar high crash by the realization that you have a big debt that’s been multiplied by Christmas gifts.

Often it won’t manifest itself until after New Years since we’re still in vacation/party mode. But don’t let a looming sense of debt ruin your vacation and dampen your spirits. The way to overcome that feeling is to put forth at least a minimal effort to understand where you stand financially, what your plans are for the immediate future and be on a plan to execute those plans.

This is where a budgeting system helps. It will ensure you know where your money is going and where you’ll be in the near future. Once you have that assurance, your mind will automatically stop worrying about it. And if you ARE in trouble, you can take action before you make things worse.

There are lots of budgeting systems out there from paper and pencil to fully automated systems. CalendarBudget has been designed to meet the needs of budgeters to alleviate that guilty feeling and help you get on your financial track. Try it now with a 30-day free trial – to help you get on the right path. If CalendarBudget is not for you, at least sit-down and organize your finances so you have a plan. It can take less than 2 hours to get a fairly accurate picture of your finances, and its time very well spent.