Online Budgeting: 5 Ways to Stop Gas from Crushing Your Budget 

I loved this clever joke I heard a few months back. “I normally don’t brag about expensive trips, but I just got back from the gas station.”

These days, paying for gas can put a dent in your budget, especially with the way gas prices can fluctuate. But there are some ways you can get a handle on your gas budget. Using the budget calendar from CalendarBudget, one of the best budgeting apps, you can rein in your gas spending. 

Here’s how…

Try Using Less Gas 

Make it a point to use less gas if you can. If your destination isn’t that far, try walking there or riding a bike. You can also take advantage of public transportation, which can save you a bundle. However, if you go this route, be sure to add extra time to your journey for unexpected delays. 

Plan Your Route

Knowing precisely the most efficient route to take will help you save on gas when driving. Don’t leave the house without planning, and try to avoid driving from place to place in search of different items; do the research beforehand. 

Buy the Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicle 

These days, there are many different fuel-efficient vehicles out there, so when shopping for vehicles, make this a top consideration. Compare the mileage for each and choose one that provides the best mileage and minimal maintenance. 

Keep Your Vehicle Well-Maintained 

Regularly bringing in your car for maintenance is one of the best ways to get the best gas mileage. Changing out dirty air filters and having your vehicle checked by a mechanic will ensure it’s driving at peak performance levels. Additionally, always make sure your tires have the proper air pressure, as this can affect mileage. 

Research Gas Prices in Your Area 

Researching the gas prices in your area is another great way to save on gasoline. For example, there are often times where gas prices will be lower for one reason or another. Gas prices tend to be higher around the holidays, so try to avoid gassing up during peak seasons if you can. Also, look for gas stations that offer points and reward programs for the gas you buy. 

Drive Smart 

The way you drive affects your vehicle’s gas mileage, so drive smart. This means slowing your acceleration, minimizing the need for braking, and avoiding leaving your car idling for more than 15 seconds at a time. 

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