That’s right… a revolution. Resolutions are so easily made and forgotten. Now, a revolution… that’s a whole different kind of change. Its a change of character, habits, and outlook.. a whole paradigm shift.

Revolutions don’t come with 1 day’s thoughts about how to make simple goals to improve your life. They come from built up experience, usually are met with resistance but when embraced, make the course smoother, easier and leave you wondering why it took so long to arrive.

Its time to stop simply earning an income, paying your bills and making some random purchases and wondering where all your money went. Its time to be preparing for your future, starting today. Its clearly time for more than resolutions, its time for a revolution.

Part of your revolution regarding your money management can be using CalendarBudget. This tool will be a true blessing in your life because it enables you to clearly understand where your money goes. You can see it visually and plan for your future with this understanding. If you haven’t checked out the demo, have a peek and scroll through the months to see how it can truly be a help to you. You’ll find daily account balances at the top of every day. Some entries are repeating, just click on some of the entries in the days to see their details. You can create individual or repeating entries by clicking on a blank spot on a day or in the day header. Want to see all of your spending for each month on food or another category, no problem. Category highlighting makes that a snap. You can also see how you’re doing against your budget plan.

Later in January, reports will be available. Our development team is still taking suggestions for what type of reports you may be looking for. Post a comment to this blog with your suggestions and we’ll take them into account.