A Step-by-Step Guide To Migrating To CalendarBudget, The Mint.com Alternative

Mint.com has been widely used as a personal finance tool. Quicken decided to discontinue Mint.com, but you don’t have to lose all your years of hard work. Continue budgeting your finances by importing your Mint.com data into CalendarBudget and enjoy the added bonus of planning well into the future.

This article will guide you through migrating your Mint.com data into CalendarBudget, a powerful app designed to make budgeting even more intuitive.

Why CalendarBudget?

CalendarBudget offers several advantages over Mint.com, including:

  • Calendar-based budgeting: Visualize your income and expenses alongside upcoming bills and events for a clear picture of your cash flow.
  • Flexible budgeting: Create custom categories and assign budgets based on your needs.
  • Seamless import: Easily transfer your transaction history from Mint.com to CalendarBudget.
  • Future planning: Add future entries for transactions that tend to repeat, like bills, groceries, etc. Then, use daily projected balances to see expected account balances well into the future, making it much easier to plan to pay cash for bigger purchases.

Migrating Your Data

CalendarBudget makes switching easy. Here’s how to import your Mint.com data:

  1. Download your Mint.com data: Log in to Mint.com, click the “Transactions” tab, and select the account you want (or All Accounts if you want to import all of your accounts). Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Export all transactions.” Save this file to your computer.
  2. Import into CalendarBudget: Open CalendarBudget, navigate to Account Setup, and Create a new account. Choose the “Import From A Bank File” option. Then click the “Choose File” button, select the Mint.com file you saved to your computer, and click “Next” at the bottom right.
    (If you’re new to CalendarBudget, create a free trial membership, and the Account Setup will open automatically.)
  3. Select the account you want to import (you can only import one account at a time unless you choose the option for All Accounts) and give it a name to be used in CalendarBudget. Also, give the end-of-day account balance at the bottom left of the screen. Then click “Finish.”

CalendarBudget will handle the rest. In a few moments, you’ll see your transactions on your account calendar on the day they happened, with your daily balance at the top of every day.

Moving Forward with CalendarBudget

CalendarBudget offers a variety of features to help you take control of your finances. Explore setting up recurring transactions and planning your future finances. You’ll also want to connect your bank account in the 3rd tab of the sidebar to be ready for reconciling as new transactions come in.

Farewell Mint, Hello Financial Freedom!

While Mint.com fades away, CalendarBudget provides a robust and user-friendly platform to manage your finances. Following these steps, you can seamlessly transition your financial data and continue your journey toward financial freedom. Welcome to CalendarBudget! Happy budgeting!