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It’s always sad to see a company close its doors.

We know Adaptu users have put a ton of effort into setting up their budget and money plans and don’t want that to go to waste by having to start over again… so, we at CalendarBudget spent the day writing a special import script for Adaptu data export files.

See the article here on to learn how to export your Adaptu data. Once you have your export file, go to CalendarBudget, sign up for your free account, then import your file when the Account Setup Wizard opens.

It’s that easy. Here’s a short video showing how:

Adaptu users will like the familiar calendar experience. In fact, at CalendarBudget – budgeting on a calendar is our specialty. The experience is smooth and user-friendly.

While you’re checking CalendarBudget out, be sure to take a look at our Getting Started Video Course, to learn how to make the most of using CalendarBudget to plan your cash flow.