Job hunting can be very daunting and depressing. I’ve always hated the process of putting resume out after resume but persisted hoping to find the right job or at least a good job available. The harder part was the waiting for a call back for an interview and then going through the interview process.

One method I have been taught to get my foot in the door is to ask for an informational interview. Alison Doyle of tells What an Informational Interview is and how it can help your career, some questions to ask at an informational interview, and what to do after the interview.

Do keep in mind that your contact is doing you a favor and out of respect you should try to not use too much of their time. Do be thorough to make sure you have all of the needed information, but be brief. This process is often flattering for the individual being interviewed. They will be grateful that you are taking interest in what they do, enough to consider it as a career for yourself.

There are a couple of good points brought out in a small clip about informational interviews. This is not a time to trick who you are interviewing by handing them your resume at the end, so leave it at home. This is a time to see if the job/career is what you think it is and truly want to pursue that career. I highly recommend going through the informational interview process before starting your education at college/university.

What methods have you used to ensure you are getting into the right career?