Alas, if only that were true. Most people believe that the answer to all of their financial problems is simply to have more money.

The reality is that as people earn more money they manage to dig themselves further into debt, which ironically makes them poorer!

It’s my own theory, but I believe life, in many ways, works like a SINE wave.

Part of my SINE wave-life theory says if you are able to reach +1 on the positive side of things (x-axis), you also have the capacity to fall to -1 on the negative side of things. I find life always has this balance. If you come into a lot of money, you have just increased your potential to go into great debt. It takes effort and skill to stay positive. Knowledge is key to maintaining this positivity — an understanding of what your current status is, so you can take action to counteract the effects of downward trends towards the negative, a potential which is always there.

CalendarBudget is the tool that will keep you on top of your money situation and help you have the knowledge you need to take appropriate action to stay on the positive side of your financial SINE wave. It’s important to know what the future will hold for you financially, based on your current trajectory. Scrolling into the future with CalendarBudget will show you just that, exactly where you will be. It’s simple enough to have you up to speed in only a few minutes but gives you a clear picture of where you will be and helps you identify where change needs to be made. Armed with knowledge, you can ensure that your SINE wave expands its capacity in the positive, while always maintaining guard about your capacity to go negative and steering away from any trends in that direction.

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