Knowing which path to take in achieving your Financial Freedom can seem quite scary at times. Imagine going on a road trip with your family. You set the destination, you map out where you want to go, you pack everything you need….and you’re off! Halfway into the trip, you find that there is major construction going on and you see a sign that says “DETOUR AHEAD”. You accidentally take the wrong turn and by the time you figure out where you are, you’re over an hour away just to get back on route to your destination.

Achieving your Financial Freedom can seem a lot like this. At times things can come up in your life that you weren’t expecting, and in the process of trying to do the best that you can, you wind up taking a wrong turn. It can be frustrating, scary, and even nauseous at times. However, having the Courage to Succeed you can be confident in knowing that you will reach your destination.

The most important thing to remember is to GET BACK ON TRACK! So many of us allow ourselves to be swayed by whatever the direction of the wind may blow that we get so used to it in our daily lives and become sidetracked. The desire to achieve financial freedom remains a whimsical dream and we wind up buying a house halfway into our destination. Having a constant reminder of WHY you want to achieve Financial Freedom will give you the strength, courage, and persistence to achieve your destination. Purpose fuels Courage.

One great way to do this is to create what is called a Vision Board. This is simply taking something like a white posterboard and placing pictures of all the reasons why you want to achieve financial freedom for yourself and your family. Place it somewhere that you spend the majority of your time. Having this daily reminder in front of you will propel you forward onto your path and the fastest way possible to reach your destination.

What ways have YOU found to give you a constant reminder to stay on the path to your Financial Freedom?

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