Software packages can be expensive and trying to meet all of your software needs can add up to a very large expense.

Here are some reliable free alternative software that we have found useful:

  • operating system – Linux (RedHat/FedoraUbuntu) vs. Windows
  • antivirus/antispyware software – AVG vs. Norton
  • office suite – Open Office vs. Microsoft Office
    • Google Documents and Spreadsheets vs. Microsoft Office
      • another benefit about using the Google collection is that they can be accessed online and shared with others easily
  • image editing software – Gimp vs. Photoshop
  • mail manager- Windows Live Mail vs. Outlook
  • software development tool – Eclipse vs. JBuilder
  • web development (Flash) tool – OpenLaszlo vs. Flash
  • media player – VLC or Winamp (Winamp we find is best used for mp3’s)

While these programs are free to get, they can have some limitations (in some cases insignificant) compared to the paid version. Do be aware of the differences and if the limitations are not really affecting what you want to do. The names of each free software have been hyperlinked, so click on the name of the free software to go directly to the page to download it.

If you have any questions on details for either one of the software listed here please respond to this blog entry with your question.