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      I currently use a spreadsheet to help me keep track of amounts in my savings account, specifically how much within that savings account has been set aside for specific purposes. For example, every time I get paid I have automatic transfers setup from my chequing to savings for specific bills and expenses. I currently have 10 different amounts within my savings account that I am keeping track of this way.

      is there a way in CalendarBudget to keep track of balances within a single account that I am not seeing?

      What would make sense to me is to have sub-accounts whose individual balances and transactions roll up into the main account. So I would have my main savings account and several sub-accounts. withing that savings account. Typically I would envision that all (or most) of the activity gets recorded in the sub-accounts and is then reflected in the main account.

      Savings – Property Taxes
      Savings – Vehicle Maintenance
      Savings – Bell
      Savings – Hydro
      Savings – Enbridge
      [etc …]

      AS much as I love spreadsheets, i’d be happy to get rid of this one …

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