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      Hello, I’ve been using CalendarBudget religiously for a little over a year now, and I’m not exaggerating when saying it’s changed my life! I finally got my husband onboard with paying attention to our finances and having the daily balance thing is a game changer! Was using Dollarbird for a while and it was just too glitchy and unreliable so I found this app and am SO thrilled with it. Very much appreciate the constant attention to tweaks and improvements. Thank you!

      My small (not dealbreaker) requests–the ability to split a transaction when creating it would be great instead of having to post it and right click on it in the desktop to split it.

      The other request pertains to the mobile app only–the trash can/delete icon is WAY too close to the check mark/complete icon and as careful as I am, I inadvertently delete transactions on occasion. It would be nice to move the delete far away from the confirm icon. I’ve gotten more conscientious about pushing buttons carefully but you know……these fat little fingers of mine……

      Thanks for an amazing program!

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