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    • NathanR
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      We have many irregular expenses that we save up for.  1/2 beef purchase in the fall, 50 chicken purchase in the summer, poultry feed purchase every 3 months, hay purchase in August, emergency fund set-aside, house paint fund, etc…  There is money in my account for these, but I need to track how much money is earmarked for each purpose, and also from every deposit or  bi-weekly paycheck.  This way I know how much of my paycheck is “available” for something else.

      My wife and I love your tool!

      Nathan Rausch
      Renton, WA  USA

    • Eric Poulin
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      Sounds like you want to use our category budgets.
      But, you want them to be able to span more than a calendar month like they currently do. We are planning an upgrade to our main browser tool early 2019 which will include performance enhancements along with many new features such as a major upgrade of categories, including the ability to have category budget's carry forward (envelope budgeting).

    • 409 Songhees
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      This issues is similar to “Budget amount rollover” (#3467) from 2014. I have checked the updates listing and there is still no “envelope” style for tracking longer periodicity items.

      Can you provide an update on when this feature will be implemented?


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