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    • Obelix
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      I’m having a hard time figuring out how to use the santa hat on the log in page.  I think you should make it more user friendly by having it incorporate a hover popup when you mouse over it to show the remaining days until Christmas.  Then on a right click you should allow the user to pick the color they want.  That way the user experience will be maximized and the hat can be used year round instead of just around Christmas time.  It would be more economical and save users money they might have otherwise spent sprucing up their computer desktops for each season as it rolled around.  You could also include an option on right click that would let parents print out a coloring page for their kids of the CB hat (as it will become affectionately called for the rest of the seasons as it changes color).  They can give the coloring page to their kids for Christmas, Easter, summer break, halloween,and thanksgiving to color appropriately to make their home as festive as their desktop.  That right there is a money and budget saving addition that no one interested in the financial health of their family would be able to pass up.  You just need to put a little more work into it, Eric.  Come on!  Imagine the possibilities!

      No?  Ah well.  I still like the hat.

    • Eric Poulin
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      Ok… that was hillarious!  Thanks for the laughing break!

      ..now my kids are asking for the coloring page.

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