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    • kalence
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      Hi there,
      Last month I started receiving the “Your budget does not appear to match your actual bank account even before…” message when reconciling. I diligently reconcile my transactions each month, and everything had been correct for months up to this point.

      Suddenly now my transactions from before November 2023 are showing that they do not match the balance CalendarBudget thinks I should have. When comparing against my bank statements, though, everything is correct on the transactions and the daily balance.

      How can I find the errant transaction(s) CalendarBudget has tracked in order to get rid of this error, without going back through my entire history?

      I have two bank accounts connected and both are showing the same error, suddenly. All troubleshooting steps welcome, I’m just not keen to sit down and compare months of daily transactions and daily balances that previously were all correct!

    • Eric Poulin
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      Hi Kalence,

      Thanks for your email. This is a known problem that we are working towards a permanent fix. For now, there’s a quick fix for this that you can use by following this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TI8zM1SF2w.
      You shold only need to do this once per account.

      Happy Budgeting!

    • kalence
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      Good afternoon Eric! Thank you for the quick reply.
      Unfortunately, after following the steps in the video, I did still see the mismatch error.

      I resorted to updating the balance for each Friday 1 week at a time until the error went away and thankfully only had to go back to September for one account. The second account resolved with a January balance update!

      A minor inconvenience, I am still enjoying this app and look forward to continued updates. Thanks again.

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