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    • mvsandi
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      Hello! I'm trying out CB because I have ADHD and visual layouts like the calendar work very well for me when trying to understand how and when money got spent.

      Unfortunately, several of my transactions do not clear on the day they were incurred. For example, any money I spend on Sunday is shown as going out on the following Monday or Tuesday.

      Reconciling these transactions to match a daily total would move them around and I would lose the visual of activity on the weekends.

      Is there any way around this? Or do I just need to avoid using the Reconciling Assistant?


    • Eric Poulin
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      The beauty of the reconciling assistant is that it makes things easy by importing from your bank file. However, you're right, it doesn't always match what actually happened in terms of when things happened due to some banks not posting things on weekends. Most people opt for using the bank file as truth simply because that's what matters to the bottom line. Other reconcile once or twice a week and move the items as needed using the “Mark as completed” (found by right clicking on an entry) to indicate that this item now matches the bank statement and is locked in. Others only do it manually.
      Its a choice you'll need to make. I find myself in the middle group using Mark as completed and reconciling regularly.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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