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    • Lucas
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      2 things I noticed about reconciliation:

      1) My bank will always put entries that happened during the weekend forward towards the following monday. Without looking at the ofx/qfx files, I’m pretty sure that those are included in the download, but they don’t appear when I import it into CB. It may be a good idea to check this out, I can send an example (privately) if needed.
      2) While it’s of course necessary to see bank entries that don’t correspond to the budget during reconciliation, it may be also beneficial to see the entries in the calendar that don’t fit any of the bank records (up until the current day – or the last day of the bank statement file for example). At the moment it’s just doing a red X indicating the balance is off, but gives no reason for it.

      Just my two cents! :)

    • Eric Poulin
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      Sure – if your having problems with your bank import – please email me a copy of your bank file with a description of the specific case that you’d like me to look at. We want it to work perfectly ;)

      Regarding the extra entry in the calendar that’s throwing off the reconciling… I’ll give that some though. I find that a little annoying personally too.

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