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    • kerrbear
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      I know it was something mentioned long ago, but after not being able to access the site all day today (no idea what is going on, but I keep getting the script below instead of the website), I highly request that you make it so that we can use this program offline. I rely on this program so much, that I was absolutely lost today. I got paid and was going Christmas shopping with no clue as to how much I actually had to spend because I can’t remember what all is in my budget since it’s all online. Even some way to backup the current and next month onto my computer would be better than not being able to access my budget at all.

      I hope the site will be working again soon, but I really would like to never have this issue again in the future by still having access to my budget when the site is not available.

      Thanks for having such a great program but I am lost without it. You do great work!

    • Eric Poulin
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      We do plan to get there eventually – we just have a bunch of higher priority things in line first. But – we haven’t forgotten about this one!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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