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      Hey, firstly thanks for Calendar Budget, its so much easier than traditional budget software and so easy to use.

      One thing I would find very helpful would be a report which shows me how my actual spend is going against my budgeted amount for each category. I think the best time frame would be per month for the last 6/12 months.
      This will allow users to see where they are maybe spending too much or budgeting too much and adjust their budget for each category accordingly.

      Thanks again


    • KenWolfeNYC
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      I had a similar idea. I wish there was some export option for excel where I would have a brief of my finances in the area I choose (days / months).


    • Eric Poulin
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      You can export to Excel. Use the toolbar and select Reports -> Export Data to CSV File.
      Then you can choose the start/end date range.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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