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    • jgoguen
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      I guess this goes here. Feedback on problems is a feature request to have them fixed I guess? :)

      • It would be great if there could be a way to access the data shown in the first two tabs on the left sidebar, where I can see how much is assigned to each category and the budget overages/surpluses.
      • It would also be nice to be able to manage categories from the mobile interface.
      • There’s no date selector; the main interface lets me move back/ahead to next month or next year or to pick an arbitrary month, but the mobile interface is limited to tedious week-by-week scrolling. Related, but in the main interface, why is the year static? If I’m looking at January 2015 and I know I need to look at March 2016, it would be more intuitive to set both the month and year at once and click a ‘Go’ button.
      • Perhaps it’s just because the mobile interface is still being worked on, but especially compared to the main interface it feels very clunky while the main interface is quite nice. It’s not even just the missing features, what’s there feels very rough.
    • Eric Poulin
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      All good feedback. We’ve been wanting to update our mobile page for a while to do a lot of what you’ve mentioned and more. We’ve also been thinking about making a semi-native app instead of a pure  mobile web page.
      Lots to consider and we appreciate the feedback. We’ll announce on our Facebook page when we get started on some updates to mobile.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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