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      I’m having some major issues with the date picker in the mobile version of CB.  On all occasions, the date of a transaction is difficult to select, as the scrolling mechanism for month, day, year is super difficult to use.  Instead of smooth scrolling, it is choppy and tends to revert to the previous selection of the portion of the date that I’m trying to choose.  It used to not be like this about a year ago (I should have reported the issue earlier).  Normally, picking a date should only take a few seconds to complete, whereas it is taking minutes, because I cannot get the widget to scroll to the proper date.  I’ve had many instances where I have the date set and as soon as I click the “Done” button, the date sets to something other than what I chose.  I have to then go into a desktop browser to try and find the transaction and correct the date.  It’s VERY aggravating as balances tend to be way off!  It would be easier if I could type in the date instead of using the widget.  I do have a screenshot, not video unfortunately, but I’m unsure how to post it,
      so I’m sharing the image from my GDrive – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7ErGiqzorRvSWg0LS1TMUdCN082WHlUZ0xnZE15ODVhR0Rz/view?usp=sharing.  I’ll try and find an Android emulator to attempt to record the functionality.

      As a note, I’m using a Nexus 5x with Android 7.1.2.  My wife has the same exact phone and the same issues happen on her phone too.  I just logged into CB with Naked Browser (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fevdev.nakedbrowser), not my preferred browser, and the date picker widget is a calendar date picker (calendar view shows as a month and you pick the specific day of the month).  I tried FireFox (v53.0.2) and the date picker is the same style as Chrome, but the scrolling mechanism works fine, not choppy.  UGH! 

      Has anyone else using Android with Chrome experienced this issue?

      If possible, could an alternative date picker widget be set for Chrome, like the calendar date picker that showed up in Naked Browser, to circumvent this issue or allow a manual date to be entered?

      Thank you.

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