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    • ValZho
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      I keep my CalendarBudget zoomed out 1 notch so that I can see more items all-around. That also means that I get a warning pop-up: “Press Ctrl+0 (control key and zero) to reset your zoom level back to normal in order for CalendarBudget to display properly.” when I log in… Every. Single. Time.

      I’ll mention, my zooming out does not cause CalendarBudget to display improperly; it makes it better for me.

      Please disable this warning, or at least, give us the option to disable it somehow.


    • Eric Poulin
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      Thanks for the note. Obviously we didn’t intend to annoy you with this… only to warn that some users find the sidebar missing when zoomed in.
      Looks like we need a “Show this next time” check box on that warning dialog.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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