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      Loving CalendarBudget and over the past few months a problem has popped up.

      Account showing as reconciled when it is missing transactions forcing manual entry for budget accuracy.

      Context: we have holding accounts for expenses (like the car) and when we use our card to pay for gas, we transfer the exact amount from the car account to the main account.

      1. I upload the transactions to drag into the calendar. This includes transfer between accounts that are identical to purchase from our main account.
      2. When the transactions remaining balance to zero, they all disappear.
      3. I now need hand check the calendar items against the bank statement
      4. Manually enter all missing transactions

      The feature that has transactions disappear with the day’s balance matches the bank is awesome – I need to know if I can set it to only disappear the green ones. When the red ones go too, then I have a bid problem.

      Am I missing a setting?

      My current work around is to look for those out/in pairs of transactions and doing them first – not always possible if there are several of them or if they are the only ones in the transaction list – *poof* they all disappear.

      Any assistance would be appreciated.

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