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    • wtanksleyjr
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      I have an annoying corporate card whose website doesn’t seem to have OFX/QFX downloads. The closest it’s got is Excel reports.

      So I tried to massage the Excel file into something that looked like a Mint CSV export. (I used Excel to move stuff around, and a text editor to check the resulting CSV file, and my own Mint export from my no-longer-used Mint account to compare.)

      Unfortunately, the import into CalendarBudget failed, and it doesn’t tell me why.

      Anyone know what “CB” is expecting here? What CSV fields does it need, and which ones can be empty, etc?


    • Eric Poulin
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      The mint.com format is as follows:

      “Date”,”Description”,”Original Description”,”Amount”,”Transaction Type”,”Category”,”Account Name”,”Labels”,”Notes”
      “3/14/2012″,”Amazon”,”AMAZON MKTPLACE PMTSAMZN.COM/BIL”,”26.11″,”debit”,”Shopping”,”Visa”,””,””

Viewing 1 reply thread
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