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    • Faolan
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      Just sharing an idea for a (hopefully sooner than later) feature:

      My wife and I have a flight miles Credit Card that racks up miles pretty fast. So we pass our bills through that card to collect the miles and pay off the bill as soon as it posts on the card. The trouble with this is it is very time consuming, and a little stressful in the idea that we may miss something or over stretch ourselves.  What complicates this further is we are snowballing our CCs, so its a pain to keep track of whats being passed through the CCs and how much extra we can snowball that month.

      The feature I’m hoping for is a way to transfer the balance of a bill from its set due date to the CC due date. So that as you pay the bill, the bill due date stays put and shows completed, but the balance transfers over to the CC that you used to pay it off with,  then the CC due date shows the total of the bills that were put on it. Maybe a right click on the bill and then pull down to the CC you want to pay it off with.

      As it is, Ive tried doing this manually by simply zeroing the bill and adding that amount to the CC and although it works, its is a pain.

      And also while on the subject… Maybe some sort of CC snowball feature included and integrated into CB?

      Thank you and I hope to see these features soon!

    • Eric Poulin
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      We are consolidating our feature list and prioritizing today. We’ll make sure this gets added to the list.
      Thanks for the idea!

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