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      I have been using the bank sync for a couple months or so now and I am running into some consistent issues. I’m not sure if it’s something with my bank, or a bug. Here are the details:

      1) I frequently have to delete bank connections and re-connect them. It shows I am connected, but new transactions never load under the dates. This generally happens when I reconcile against the bank import and log out and come back in a week or so to reconcile more.

      2) When I re-connect the bank, it is now not pulling in any transactions at all. I have tried reloading, as well as logging out and back into the CB app.

      I love this feature, but at this point it makes it hard to be efficient at reconciling when I constantly have to re-connect the bank and accounts, then wait for them to update. I recognize it could be an issue with my bank, so if there are any suggestions for things to try, I will be happy to do so!

      I am using the latest Chrome browser on MacOS 13.3.1(a), if that helps. I have tried the mobile app on iOS as well and am not seeing any bank transactions there, either.

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