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Thanks for putting the link back.  It really is great to know there is a forum where I can go to ask or find info on things I am unsure of. Also great that we can make requests like this and have someone like you that actually pays attention and responds to what we have to say.  And it helps to have easy access to it, although I totally understand about the problem with the Business Partners. But thank you for putting it back.  :)

As for the co-branding, I haven’t really noticed a difference actually.

I think this program has been a very useful tool for me, although there are still a lot of features I haven’t actually fully taken advantage of yet.  The expanded categories sidebar is real great though. Very happy to see that!  And the new pop-up menus are a lot nicer, except for the “You must enter a title for this entry before submitting” callout that covers the title bar when I start a new entry.  Also a little disappointed about having to scroll down in the final dialogue box now when making changes to a recurring transaction.  But I still like the style better, so it works for me.  Keep up the great work!  8)