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Eric Poulin
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Actually – we just reviewed your comment and think this maybe has nothing to do with imports from banks – just regular payment of visa bill.
I think if this is approached a different way you’ll find CalendarBudget already handles this very effectively.

The way this should be done is:
– Create a 2nd account for your Credit Card
– Track the individual purchases on your Credit Card on the day they happened – and to the appropriate category.  These entries will now affect your category balances.  You credit card account will now be in a negative balance, indicating that you owe money there.
– Then when you make a payment from Checking to Credit Card, the entry is a transfer (not withdraw or deposit).  This transfer can be int he category of “banking” or whatever – it doesn’t matter since it will not affect your category balances since its a deposit and withdrawal for the same amount – just in different accounts. 
-You may want to title the entry “Credit Card payment (shoes, cell phone)” or whatever to indicate what the payment was for, however the real indication will be the Credit Card account balance getting back to 0 or at least the items are being tracked correctly there.  If you carry a balance you post the interest charges in your Credit Card account and the total balance owed will be correct.