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Eric Poulin
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Thanks for your feedback.  This is very helpful for our development plans.

1) Currently in CalendarBudget, you can create new categories on the fly during bank import.  The category drop down has some default categories, but you can just type in the category field to create a new category.  Apparently, that was not very clear.. we’ll work on making that more obvious.  We plan to re-do the first time setup soon.

2) The import from OFX does create an entry for starting balance, but its not visible until you click finish – then its on the calendar.  Note to self: need to put that starting balance entry on the import screen.

3) We are very close to being able to use the first time setup on any account created, not just as start CalendarBudget.  Also, we are close to being able to import from OFX as part of regular updating – not just starting your account. 

4) From the perspective of the account, that Macy’s return is still income…  You’ll categories it in an expense category, but that transaction is still an income to the account.  I think the concept of negative expenses, while I get it, can be confusing to people.

Feel free to comment further if you disagree with anything, or have more ideas.