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No error message.

That’s the problem — what’s happening isn’t an error, it’s intended by the framework author. The framework _thinks_ that releasing the mouse button (which means “dropping” a transaction) while the mouse is on top of the transaction is illegal because I’m “trying” to drop the transaction onto itself. Of course, the Javascript always moves the transaction to be under the mouse — so it’s always ‘illegal’ to drop a transaction, UNLESS by coincidence the transaction’s location hasn’t been moved yet. If I move fast enough, I have a VERY short window of time while the transaction’s ‘green’ and I can drop it, but very quickly the transaction will move under the cursor again, turn red, and if I drop it’ll do nothing. (This is the same behavior as if I drop the transaction onto something that’s not a Source.)

(This makes me wonder if I can work more easily on a slower machine — my PC’s pretty fast and is sheer hell to reconcile budgets on, while my work machine’s slow but is super-easy to do CalendarBudget on. Note that if a machine fails, it’ll fail on ALL browsers: Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera.)

Is it possible, I wonder, that there’s some CSS flag on the ‘transaction’ that will make the dragAndDrop not think I’m trying to drop the transaction on itself?

I think this is a DOJO “bug” — some obscure problem caused by the port to the more recent version of Dojo.