On April 28th I attended Finovate Startup 09 as a Startup presenter. We presented on Monday the 27th as a pre-recorded demo, while others presented on the 28th. The demo video is being professionally edited and will be available in about a week. I`ll post it when it’s available.

The event was a lot of fun, we met a lot of great people, saw what the competition is doing and what our real strengths are. Surprisingly, there are only a few companies who allow for planning future finances. Most only focus on reporting on what happened in the past. Planning for the future is clearly one of CalendarBudget`s strengths. Also, our calendar format is a clear winner when compared to the other interfaces, most of which just show transactions and planned events in a list. We did glean some ideas for future development, however, we`ll have you the users vote on what we should be doing next.

We have a little bit of clean up surrounding our subscription code to complete this week, then we`ll start posting more `what’s next` ideas for you to vote on.