I went to pay online for CalendarBudget’s web server and the transaction was refused… I have been tracking expenses with the CalendarBudget personal finance app, so I know there are enough funds. Even a phone call to the hosting provider yielded a refused transaction. I called my Visa provider and they put me through to the security division. They told me that the card was locked because the transaction didn’t fit my usage profile and it was a precautionary measure. Also, because they’ve had a lot of online fraud recently, they were being extra vigilant checking suspicious transactions. They unlocked it right away and then when I tried the transaction again it worked great.

Although this case was a mistake because I actually wanted the transaction, the inconvenience is completely acceptable knowing that they have systems in place to try to prevent misuse of my card and identity.

Good job financial institution!

The CalendarBudget online budget tool uses 256-bit SSL encryption, the industry standard for data protection, to ensure that all communications are secure.  Download this personal finance app and import bank transactions safely.