In some research done by Northwestern Mutual and LLuminari, results say that people tend to feel better about life in general when they are prepared for their financial future, and this can be done with the CalendarBudget personal finance app

It makes complete sense to me. How many of us worry about money issues on a daily basis? It’s just sensible that those who don’t have to worry about those things, because they have a plan in place and are executing that plan, are happier people without that stress.

Can we also correlate the large epidemic of depression that seems to have crept up on the world, at least to some degree, to poor financial planning? That may be a jump, but I’m guessing that poor financial planning and plan execution certainly encourages depression. Feeling that you are not in control can leave you feeling hopeless. However, when you take the time to understand your money and plan for your future, you are in control and the future is less bleak.

I know for myself, before I had a financial plan, there was a constant feeling of insecurity that kept eating away at me. When I planned for myself and understood that plan and began executing it, I felt much more at ease. Now, I never experienced depression, but I can empathize with the feeling of despair. I also know that financial planning, for me, helped somewhat with that feeling.

Does anyone else have any experience with feeling happier about financial planning to corroborate this research?

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