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Simply Amazing

Wow! I’ve just spent an hour setting up my transactions, history, upcoming transactions, notifications, and accounts and I’ve got to say that this app is obviously build by people who actually use it. Thank you for creating Calendar Budget. I discovered it less than 24 hours ago and have already recommended it to friends and family. This is exactly the budgeting tool I’ve been looking for all my life. In fact, I found it because I was looking at my Google calendar and the cashflow I created in Excel and was thinking there must be some way to merge the two and make it work.

The functionality is excellent…Keep up the amazing effort! Have you considered presenting at DemoCamp Toronto?

-City Dan

If you haven’t checked out Budget Manager, go take a peek. Simple to use, but very powerful in the way it conveys information about your current financial state.

[My wife] is pretty skeptical about most budget software, because she’s not found something that resembles her budgeting technique, and most programs, like MS Money or Quicken, don’t quite represent the way we spend money and pay bills (though both are nice pieces of software in their own ways).

So I showed her Budget Manager, the demo, and she ‘got it’ right away. She likes to see how much will be in the bank on any one day.

– Chris Wheeler, Ontario, Canada

I’m so thrilled I found your app. It truly is exactly what I would’ve made for myself. I’d been using an Excel workbook with various spreadsheets on steroids from all kinds of formulas I’d written to keep track of my household budget and financial goals. But it became hard to manage those expenditures that pop up in between set payments and still see the forward impact. I’d thought of creating a calendar myself, but the idea of rewriting formulas was exhausting. So thank you thank you thank you!

One other thing that I’m excited about is that finally my husband and I can be on the same page. If he needs to buy unscheduled gas or grab lunch, he can get a snap shot of our account balance and budget without checking with me first. And he can go in online and make the update himself so I’m not pecking him about a receipt. I hate him feeling like a kid on an allowance!

– Venita Davis

When I was searching for a product to keep track of my finances I was really happy when I found calendar budget. This product has everything I need and every time I contacted support I received a prompt response. Keep up the good work.


When I hit Google for a calendar budget tool and this site came on as the second link, I almost skipped it because of the fact that it might cost me later (I’m an advocate of 100% free tools and web myself). But then when I failed to find that anywhere (whether online or in software form), I came back to CalendarBudget and had a look-see at the demo… And I realized that this was my dream come true. Before this site I had all my budgeting entries in Google Calendar with the amounts manually entered, and I still had to budget manually with something else to know what was going on in my accounts. I dreamed of having features like CB in Google Calendar, and when I saw the demo page I just knew I’d hit the jackpot.

My second realization was that the money I’m going to save by seeing my budget in advance and knowing when I can spend and when I can’t (had a few bounced checks lately because of miscalculations), I’m going to be saving a lot more money than CB will ever cost. I can also see that Eric is extremely interesting in making CB the most powerful and useful tool for the masses (which I am part of) and that is the cherry on the sundae for me.

There is still work to be done on this tool of life, but like a good wine, it will get better with time!


About a year ago I started searching for a budgeting/financial program that will help me not only save money but forecast expenses. Every tool I found used the “here’s your account balance, put in expenses and income and here is your account balance now” approach. I wanted something hosted so I could have access to even if I didn’t have my computer with me. After searching for a long time I contemplated creating an application in Excel, then contemplated creating one online that would give me a monthly/yearly view of my accounts. I came up on a forum post where someone suggested CalendarBudget. The first time I logged in I knew this was EXACTLY what I had in mind; my search was over.

CalendarBudget lets you schedule payments and see how it affects your overall accounts over a period of time. It lets you assign budgets to categories and instantly get feedback on how it affects your accounts. I love the fact that you can schedule expenses and instantly know what needs to be changed to as to not go over limits. Constant upgrades, feature additions and user feedback helps in keeping the tool flexible to use in many situations. I used this tool multiple times a day and find it invaluable; looking back I’m not sure how I survived before it.

On top of great features, CalendarBudget is written by an awesome developer in terms of communication and bug fixes. I have had multiple times when I had to contact Eric and received a response almost instantly. Quick responses, great communication and Getting Things Done add a lot of value and credibility. I recommend CalendarBudget to all my friends, relatives and strangers.


It feels like someone read my mind for what I wanted in a budgeting solution

Calendar Budget is precisely the graphical interface that I envisioned for a budget and money management application. It has a wonderful user interface that took very little time to setup and within a week of using it, I already feel that it is one of the rare gems of web applications that I cannot imagine myself without. Thank you so much for this great service!


Thanks everyone for these testimonials! We love hearing from you about CalendarBudget and continue to aim to make it the best personal finance tool out there!