If you are a mint.com user, this post is for you.

You can now take advantage of the account history you have in mint.com and import that into the CalendarBudget personal finance app. Mint.com pulls your data directly from your bank account and attempts to auto-categorize your transactions. While it is quite convenient, it still lacks the ability to plan ahead. Here’s where CalendarBudget helps.

First of all, go ahead and create an account at CalendarBudget, then when you first log in, choose mint.com as the file import.

To get your transaction file from Mint, login to mint.com and go to the Transactions tab. Then scroll to the very bottom and click the Export all ### transactions link. Save that file to your computer, then go to the CalendarBudget screen and choose it. CalendarBudget will import all of your transactions and categories. At the moment, this will wipe out all of the data in CalendarBudget – so you only want to do this if you are starting with CalendarBudget or don’t mind starting over. (If you have existing data and want to start over with mint.com data, you’ll need to reset your current account (Premium users only).

It’s that easy; and a great (and fast) way to get started.

Find an easy way to organize your money and transactions online, with the CalendarBudget online budget tool that allows you to import your mint.com account history.  Sign up for the free video course on the CalendarBudget personal finance app.