CalendarBudget has moved to a monthly cost of $7.99 USD/month (or get 5 months free @ $56.99/year).

Many of you have asked why the personal finance app CalendarBudget is so inexpensive compared to some of our competitors. We’d love to share our plans with you!

Since the beginning, we’ve wanted CalendarBudget to be available to as many people as possible – those who really need it. We know that there are many “free” tools on the Internet, but in order for free tools to work, they are always filled with ads and push other products/services you probably don’t need. For people trying to get out of debt, that’s the last thing you want or need. 

As you know, we are passionate about helping people with their personal finances and want to make CalendarBudget available to as wide an audience as possible while still honoring our committed users with top-quality updates and support as needed… and moving to a low-cost model was the best way to do that. So, in the interest of keeping CalendarBudget up to the standard that we want to hold ourselves to – along with adding the ability to continuously innovate on our mobile app and to provide the support our users deserve, we’ve moved to a low-cost model.

This is where we need your help! We’ve kept the costs low – just enough to provide support and further development of a mobile app and to keep the tool up to date – but not enough for any kind of marketing. We need your help spreading the word about CalendarBudget. Whether it’s telling your friends and family, talking about it in your social media/blog, or simply voting CalendarBudget up on some review sites… all of that will make a HUGE difference. We’d be honored if you’d endorse CalendarBudget with a personal recommendation.

Also, would you spend a few minutes and “Like” CalendarBudget at G2Crowd? Your honest review will help others find CalendarBudget and be blessed by it!

We consciously don’t run any ads on the site and we don’t recommend any products with annoying emails. The last thing you need when you’re budgeting is us trying to sell you something else you don’t need :).

This move makes CalendarBudget better and stronger than ever and we plan to continue improving it and delivering it to a wider audience. We thank you in advance for your help in making that happen!

CalendarBudget is a low-cost online budget tool dedicated to helping people manage their personal finances better.  Share, recommend, and like the CalendarBudget personal finance app everywhere.


The CalendarBudget Team