I find it annoying to have to pay for the grocery bag after I’ve just spent a large sum on the groceries already. This is a pet peeve I’ve learned to deal with or find a way around. I understand that grocery stores have very tight margins, and they are trying to discourage plastic use, but I’m always looking for ways to SAVE money, not spend more on an essential that used to be included – like bags to carry my groceries from the store to my home. CalendarBudget is a personal finance app available online that will also help you find a way to save more by identifying where your spending goes. And you only spend a small sum to get it.

Here are a few ways I try to save/avoid paying for my grocery bags:

  • I use the boxes at the front of the store by the tills that the store is trying to recycle
    You do have to be careful to not put squishable/breakable stuff at the bottom of the box and not to load them too heavy
  • I use their reusable material bags that cost $0.99 and they will replace the bag for free if it ever breaks
    I replaced one in the last year
    The bags are also useful for other outings like carrying blankets for kids’ sleepovers at Grandma’s
  • I save up all the bags I do purchase because (the store didn’t have any boxes that day or I forgot my other bags at home
    I bring a good stash of my plastic bags and double bag them to avoid them breaking too fast
    Some of these bags come from other stores that don’t make me pay for bags
  • When I want to be really stubborn about it I just put my groceries back in the cart without bags/boxes and transfer item by item to my vehicle
    Then do the same at home or find something useful at home to transfer the groceries from the van to the house
    Enlist other helpful hands at home
  • for small loads, I just carry the few items in my hands

It’s a small saving, but even small savings add up. This is one money savings that happen to be better for the environment as well.

CalendarBudget also makes small savings add up.  It tracks your spending against your budget plan and reminds you when bills are due. Submit a testimonial if you already use CalendarBudget or download the CalendarBudget personal finance app today!