We are excited to announce that Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD.ca) has introduced a new online money management tool, “BACD Money Manager” (powered by CalendarBudget), for their clients to categorize and track daily spending, and plan their future transactions. The “BACD Money Manager” is prominently featured on their “Helpful Links” page as a way to help new start-ups and small businesses with their budgeting needs and manage their financial forecasting. It has been very delightful to work with a very energetic group of people that are keen on helping new start-ups and small businesses succeed.

“Entrepreneurs need to watch every penny as their business grows, often at their own expense; we know what it’s like.”, says Eric Poulin, CEO, and Co-founder of CalendarBudget. “Helping other entrepreneurs become successful by managing their money is right up our alley. Reaching then through the BACD only makes sense.”

CalendarBudget is an online money management tool that helps you organize your money and plan for your future. Plan your finances in a more natural way according to your daily transactions in a calendar view. See your expected account balance displayed in the header for each date.

Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) is a not for profit organization that provides new start-ups and small businesses with up-to-date and relevant business information needed to help them succeed.

CalendarBudget can also help you as an individual with managing your personal finances.  CalendarBudget supports your efforts as a start-up or small business to budget and manage financial forecasting with the new BACD Money Manager online management tool.