As society progresses, many things change that affect our quality of life. I often find myself thinking about the question, “Are we better off than our parents were at our age?”  Would a personal finance app have made a difference to them as much as it does for us these days?

From personal observation, I note that:

  • our parents had much greater job security/loyalty
  • credit spending wasn’t so high during our parents’ generation which made financial stress less of a concern than it is in our day. The stress of increasing debt levels is very real for us
  • crime rate – not sure if its higher or lower than our parents’ generation. I wonder if there are ties to general financial prosperity?
  • our parents worked hard for many years for what they have. We want instantly what our parents worked hard/waited to earn
  • These days, we have a much higher rate of secondary education completion. This delays us entering the workforce by several years but in the end yields a higher income level
  • today we have a much tighter global economy – a small change anywhere in the world can affect the whole world’s economy

Having considered these things, and knowing that the technology just wasn’t there for our parents’ generation, I bet a personal finance app would have made them even more prosperous than they were. Any financial tool when properly applied helps.

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