In a few days, we will begin a new year. With that comes reflections on many things… on the past year’s ups and downs, on the evaluation of whether or not you’ve accomplished your goals for the year and what you could have done better. How do your year’s achievements hang in the balance? Do you feel you have progressed? Are you drawing closer to reaching your end goal?  Would you have reached your financial goals with a personal finance app?

Some questions for you to ask yourself as you are preparing to set goals for the new year:

  • did I achieve my goals for the year? or was I pretty close?
  • what in-between steps were most effective in helping me achieve my goals?
  • were there any experts/friends I could have used to make my planning or achieving easier?
  • were my goals set too complicated or too simple?
  • were my goals realistic (did I give enough time and did I have the ability to achieve them)?
  • are any of my goals ongoing to be included in the coming year’s goal set?
  • do I see my potential and set goals to achieve a greater life?

This is a time to make more of ourselves and for ourselves. As mentioned in a previous blog entry, the wealthy make plans bringing them even greater wealth. Continue to make goals and set the small plans in between to achieve them. This foundation will make you stronger and increase your wealth in the important areas of your life, in your health, your family, your finances and more.

Maybe you are on track to reaching your goals or have completed them. The great thing is, that is not the end. You continue to improve and progress. What will you now set as a goal and what have you learned from the past year?

Will you change your ways to achieve your goals or have they worked well for you?

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