Buying a house is a huge step. In fact, it’s often used as a metric to determine not only your success in life but also your level of financial responsibility. Many people dream about owning a home for years before it becomes a reality. Then, when they’ve finally found the perfect home, they get so excited to sign on the dotted line that they forget to look at the total cost of owning a home. Did you know that your total expenses as a first-time homebuyer will be greater than the price of a home or mortgage? Many buyers don’t! Here are the top 5 unexpected expenses as a first-time homebuyer:

1. Home Maintenance

As a homeowner, you are responsible for paying all maintenance costs.

2. Utilities

A house is much bigger than an apartment, and that means higher utility bills!

3. Homeowners Insurance 

This is a requirement for anyone with a mortgage.

4. Down Payment

Don’t forget about this important expense! Down payments paid through FHA loans can be as little as 3.5%, but most traditional mortgages range from 5 to 20%.

5. Closing Costs

This is the most frequently forgotten homeowner expense! Closing costs typically range from 3 to 4% of your home’s value and can include mortgage origination fees, appraisal fees, real estate agent fees, and more.

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