183 million Americans have credit cards. Many people use credit cards to help them boost their credit scores and qualify for better loan rates. Others use credit cards to get rewards, help pay for large purchases or use it as emergency money. Regardless of why you have a credit card, chances are that you do have them. However, if you don’t use your credit card responsibly, you could fall into debt and damage your credit score. Here are four ways to optimize your credit card use:

  1. Pay all of your bills on time,
  2. Keep credit card balances low,
  3. Pay your bill in full every month, and
  4. Only use it to pay for what you can pay off that month.

Swiping your card for items is easy enough, but if you’re not keeping track of your spending, it can land you in hot water.  Oftentimes, your financial knowledge and tracking habits determine whether credit cards help or hurt you. For example, when you know exactly how much money you have coming in and going out every month, it’s easier to pay your credit cards back on time and avoid spending more than you can afford. That’s where personal finance apps come in!

At CalendarBudget, our personal finance app is called the CalendarBudget Money Management Budgeting App. It is available either online or on your mobile device, and can drastically change how you interact with money. Personal finance apps are the key to optimizing your credit card use to avoid spending irresponsibly. To learn more about our app, don’t hesitate to contact us today or sign up for a 30-day free trial!