Electricity Prices - Direct Energy

In Ontario, where I live, there’s a company called Direct Energy who purchases bulk quantities of electricity and offers it to consumers at a lower rate-well “supposedly” a lower rate.

In 2011 they sent a renewal letter in the mail. This image is a scan of one of the pages. It describes what my prices would be if I didn’t use Direct Energy (Part A) and then again if I use Direct Energy (Part B). The crazy part is… their material tells me that if I use them, I end up paying more!

I’m not sure who the genius is at their marketing office, but who is going to choose Direct Energy based on this information? I mean, their own marketing material is working against them.

They used to be cheaper – I wonder if they are now banking on people renewing without actually reading their material. Prices of electricity are supposed to go up soon, but they’d need to go up significantly to save me any money… and if that happens, I can always sign up for Direct Energy at that point. For now, they would cost me extra for no added value.

Maybe its time you took a look at what you’re actually paying for your heating/air conditioning/electricity/gas costs. I know if I had glossed over this, I would be overpaying for nothing. Has much really changed since then?