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Feature Wish List / Re: Transaction History Log
« Last post by MisterE on December 08, 2018, 11:04:05 AM »
I think I figured out more specifics on the issue.  On the "web" (not mobile "m.") version of CB, it appears that when you drag-n-drop a transaction, with repeats, to a different date, the repeats are removed from the change automatically.  The mobile version does not have a drag-n-drop capability, so I typically go into the Edit screen for the transaction and change the date, equivalent to drag-n-drop, and save out.  The repeat dates are still set, so the "save" action outcome typically asks for the user choice of only "this" transaction, this and future (rebuild/recreate), or all transactions.  Normally, I pick the "this" transaction, but every now and then I choose "this and future".  Because the problem that periodically happens to me is with the mobile .m version and appears on certain transactions (with a repeat) and going into the past up until a certain point, but not all past transactions (from a repeat), I believe there must be a conflict of some sort between the transaction settings and the repeat.  Without logs to see the final settings of the transaction, I'm unsure of what is truly happening.

Also, I'm testing out the Android app on my phone (just saw it was now available).  Looks very nice!  I discovered how to right-swipe a transaction to set it to complete or left-swipe to delete.  Much easier than long-press on the mobile-web version, which could also be part of the issue I'm experiencing.  I could see how long-press could potentially be interpreted oddly between a big fingertip and multiple small boxes (which transaction is selected in the radius of the fingertip?).  Make sense?

Best Regards,
Feature Wish List / Transaction History Log
« Last post by MisterE on December 03, 2018, 09:46:54 PM »
Hi Eric,

Periodically, I've had some weird things happen, mostly on the mobile "web-browser" version, where the repeat settings from edits of previous entries goes haywire after saving, and the current balance is off afterwards, usually going backwards until a certain date.  Sometimes I notice the balance is off immediately and then other times it's the next day (do not realize whatever happened, happened).  Usually, I have to go back a few months and try to figure out where things are off between CB and my bank account.  I've had it go back a year or so in the transactions, so sometimes it can take awhile to figure out.  It can be extremely frustrating at times.

With that said, would it be possible to have a manual transaction log with adds, updates, and deletes, but mostly the latter two?  I'm thinking the history of the last 25 manual transactions (edits) would help to solve most problems much faster than the manual review.  The change information (from/to) with a snapshot of the balance change for that same date would help tremendously.

Thank you for your consideration.

CalendarBudget Support / Reconciliation Problem
« Last post by mmckeaney on October 27, 2018, 01:18:12 PM »
Lately I have been having one or two transactions that I can see on my bank website, but they don't show up when I download and reconcile. It happened again this week, one deposit and one transfer. I opened the qfx in text/edit, and the items are there.
Feature Wish List / Re: Sorting Entries
« Last post by Eric Poulin on October 22, 2018, 12:59:39 PM »
We don't want to overcomplicate things by adding field that only 1% of users will use but clutter up the UI. Having said that, we had been thinking about when using the category highlighter, all highlighted categories would appear at the top of the list (still in alphabetical order). Another possibility is to sort by amount. We could introduce this in a setting somewhere that has a good default, but can be adjusted... that way we don't clutter the UI.
Feature Wish List / Sorting Entries
« Last post by whynotlobsterhands on October 22, 2018, 10:53:23 AM »
Right now, all entries default to alphabetical order on each day.

Other than numbering individual entries in the title so they match the order on my bank statement, will Calendar Budget introduce a method to rearrange entry order?

Drag and drop maybe or a number system in  the "Create New Entry" window?
Feature Wish List / Re: Sinking fund tracking
« Last post by Eric Poulin on October 12, 2018, 10:55:57 PM »
Sounds like you want to use our category budgets.
But, you want them to be able to span more than a calendar month like they currently do. We are planning an upgrade to our main browser tool early 2019 which will include performance enhancements along with many new features such as a major upgrade of categories, including the ability to have category budget's carry forward (envelope budgeting).
Feature Wish List / Sinking fund tracking
« Last post by NathanR on October 12, 2018, 03:35:26 PM »
We have many irregular expenses that we save up for.  1/2 beef purchase in the fall, 50 chicken purchase in the summer, poultry feed purchase every 3 months, hay purchase in August, emergency fund set-aside, house paint fund, etc...  There is money in my account for these, but I need to track how much money is earmarked for each purpose, and also from every deposit or  bi-weekly paycheck.  This way I know how much of my paycheck is "available" for something else.

My wife and I love your tool!

Nathan Rausch
Renton, WA  USA
Feature Wish List / Re: Split entries and reconciling
« Last post by Eric Poulin on October 11, 2018, 11:53:09 PM »
It is.
We've been entirely focused on the mobile app recently, but as soon as that is done a MAJOR rewrite of the browser version is queued up to improve performance and add a bunch of new features such as this. We anticipate getting started with that in Jan, possibly earlier.
Feature Wish List / Split entries and reconciling
« Last post by lafrench on October 11, 2018, 01:27:15 PM »
Is it still on your list to allow the reconciliation to recognize splits?  If I have split a transaction into 2 or 3...then I try to reconcile, the recon doesn't recognize that it is already there, even though the amounts match overall.  I do this quite a bit with my Amazon card as well as the grocery store because I buy things from many categories at those places and want to track them separately....

This is from a post from this forum in 2013:

"I expected the split transactions to "remember" where they'd come from and let you reconcile to the original amount, but instead they simply don't match at all. Hmm. Not optimal. To work around this, I only split after about a week, and I don't reconcile further back than that... But I'm expecting that to fail any day now, since another thing that can make reconciliation confusing is repeating events where the actual transaction posts late (or doesn't post at all) so the fake (unreconciled) event appears in the past."

your response:
You raise a good point. When reconciling we look at 2 things. First, the balance on the day (regardless of the number of entries), so if you balance is right, even if you've split the entry it will still consider that day as "reconciled". If the day balance doesn't match, we start trying to match individual entries. Here the split would not get recognized. It's a good idea to have CB try to match a split entry, we'll add that to our list.

Let me say though-I LOVE this tool!  I have tried many budgeting apps and they just don't work for me.  This one laid out like a calendar really makes sense with my brain!

Another item I would like to see is a report that shows budget vs spent.  I know I can see the variance to the side, but it would be nice to have all of the #s there in a report.

Feature Wish List / Re: split categories
« Last post by Eric Poulin on September 09, 2018, 10:24:31 PM »
Actually you can :-)
Go ahead and create the first entry for the full amount. Categorize it however you label the entry. Then right click on the entry and there will be an option to split transaction. This will allow you to designate how much of the transaction goes to the new category and new label.
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