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A common "cents" break from the government

A common "cents" break from the government

There is a new Children's Fitness Tax Credit from the Canadian government.

My wife has been wondering about this new Children's Fittness Tax Credit from the Canadian government. She just didn't understand how it actually applied to me. After some study of a couple pages on the internet she realized it's not as good as she was hoping it to be... but it's still good.

Having 5 children and trying to keep them socialized and fit by enrolling them in these different sports activities... well becomes quite expensive. Before we knew about the credit we enrolled our 3 oldest children in gymnastics and just figured we'd have to just eat the cost and chalk it up to investment for the future of our children. It was a pleasant surprise to see that we could get some money back on that and don't have to hold back on the 4th child enrolling because it's too expensive.

I found the following 2 sites helpful to explain what this new Fitness credit was offering.

Does anyone know if there is anything like this credit in the US?

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