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Eric Poulin
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There are many things you can get for free through http://freecycle.org. Check there.
Otherwise, you can get a pretty good volume of things from the dollar store.
In the past, I’ve made some homemade games for my kids which they still use. Gather some materials from home and spend some time making gifts. I’ve made:
-Towers of Hanoi
– A do-it-yourself birdhouse kit with spare wood/nails. (maybe an 8-year old will just like being creative and hammering random piece of wood scraps together which you can call an art-project — then proudly display the finished masterpiece in his room.
– A book on origamy and a supply of paper – can be hours of fun. Get the from second hand book store – or even find a free web site with instructions and just supply the paper.
– Go to your local big box store and ask for big boxes… and use the boxes with a bunch of tape – he can create a fort/structure with the boxes. Don’t kids end up liking the packaging as much as the gift anyway :)

I’m in the final stages of writing a book called Power Spending: Getting More for Less. This book has TONS of ideas on how to save money, including on gift giving. When its ready I’ll announce it. The book will be inexpensive and will end up saving you lots of money.